Customer satisfaction versus customer delight

Gone are the simple times of customer satisfaction. In an age where businesses are competing tooth and nail for every customer, you now need to shift your focus to customer delight to not only keep your current customers, but to find new ones.
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It’s firstly important to understand the difference between customer satisfaction and customer delight…

  • Satisfaction: Delivering what has been promised
  • Delight: Delivering what has been promised, plus going that little bit further to exceed expectations

Turning a satisfied customer into a delighted customer can have tremendous benefits for your business. The biggest reasons to invest in the additional effort in delighting your customers are:


While satisfied customers may leave the business feeling happy, they may not return. A delighted customer however will develop strong loyalty to your business.

More profitable customers

In addition to scoring loyal customers, customer delight can also induce customers to spend more on your business. Win-win!

Competitive advantage

Thanks to the internet, there are millions of products and services out there. Delighting your customers however will help you stand out and gain a competitive advantage.


Delighted customers usually share their experience through word of mouth, social media or review sites, so your business will benefit from more referrals and new customers!

The key to customer delight is to identify what your customer values, and unfortunately there is no cookie-cutter formula. Consistency, a personalised experience and empowered employees are normally key factors that will get you ahead. Adopting a customer delight system that may include regular emails to keep in touch, a fruit basket to say thanks for business or additional support and training can also form part of your strategy to delight your customers!

The most important part is to consider how customers feel after engaging with your business. So forget about spending big bucks on an advertising campaign for now, and instead start delighting your customers!

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