Low cost marketing activities to sustain you through the craziness of COVID19

Wow. COVID 19. Who saw it coming!?
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It’s roughly been a month now since coronavirus started to turn our lives upside down.

There will be many of you who have since put any marketing efforts on the back burner while you focus on steering your business through these unchartered waters. But while you try to minimise the financial impact on your business during this time, you don’t have to pull back all your marketing activities, or forget about starting any new ones.

Now, more than ever, your marketing efforts should continue to push forward. Here are just a few free or low cost marketing activities that will help you keep ahead and come out on top.

Pick up the phone

A personal phone call to some of your best customers will never go unnoticed. Challenging times create opportunities to show your genuine care and your customers will remember when this all clears up!

Social media posting

Out of sight means out of mind. Instead keep in touch with your customers and keep publishing your posts via your social media news feeds. Everyone is practically glued to their social media channels right now, so it’s a great time to gain more exposure!

Pitch to a podcast or blogger

Why not use this time to reach new audiences for free, by pitching yourself to a podcaster or asking to write a guest blog post for another business within your industry? It will help introduce you to a group of potential new customers and to position yourself as an expert!

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

While this marketing activity will cost you a few bucks, it’s also the one that makes the most sense! Pay-per-click advertising is basically paying google to have your business listed at the top of a google search, and is cost effective as you only pay each time someone actually clicks on your website! With more people at home in front of their screens, PPC is the best way to reach people who are actively looking for your services or products.

Be ready with marketing creative

No one knows how long the effects of Coronavirus will last for. Make sure all your marketing creative is ready so you can hit the ground running. Think about what sort of messaging or calls to action can you use to bring customers back in when the recovery begins.

Things won’t be ‘business as usual’ for a while, but don’t let it stop you. Keep those marketing doors open and make sure you don’t lose touch with your existing customers, or miss out on opportunities to reach new ones!

Based in rural Queensland on a sheep and cattle property, I combine website design and copywriting, with SEO best practice to help small businesses across regional and rural Australia grow.

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