New year, new Little Ink!

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This year I am hoping to achieve more by doing less. Find out what's new at Little Ink Marketing.
Stacey holding notepad web design Toowoomba

I’m a little late to the party, but Happy New Year! I hope that you had a wonderful and relaxing break and a chance to rejuvenate enough to tackle the year ahead.

As some would know, I took time off last year to have my first baby. Time has flown by, and for the past 7 months I have been enjoying (surviving) the rollercoaster of motherhood. I am now officially back behind my laptop and have been busy shaking things up here at Little Ink Marketing. So what’s new?

Slimmed down service offering

This year I am hoping to achieve more by doing less. I have decided to reduce my service offering to web design and content writing only. My reduced offering will not only enable me to do what I enjoy most, but (humility out the door) what I am best at! And my clients will benefit as a result of my growing expertise and specialisation in these areas. I will also continue to work with clients on their broader marketing strategies and plans, and will also continue to partner up with a number of awesome graphic designers, social media managers and other marketing experts who can provide specialised services to my clients.

So here is a snap shot of how I will be able to help you moving forward;

One-woman show

Previously I marketed Little Ink Marketing as a “team”. While I did occasionally outsource some work, essentially Little Ink Marketing is a one-woman show. It became apparent to me that I have not been practicing what I preach; the more human we can be in our marketing efforts, the better our audience will connect with us. I also realised that my individual and personal approach to working with clients is actually my secret sauce! My clients want a trusted marketing partner for their business. They want to deal directly with the owner. And all of that you get with me. So I have decided to drop the “we” and will now use a first-person narrative.

New branding colours

I received feedback from someone recently that they weren’t a fan of my branding colours (blue and red). So again, practicing what I preach I undertook some *quick* market research and asked a handful of my clients what they thought… And the verdict was unanimous, the blue was too corporate and not “Stacey” enough (not my words). Branding is important because it makes a memorable impression and allows potential customers to know what to expect from your company. And I want my potential clients to know I don’t market car insurance! So I ditched the corporate blue and have changed my branding to incorporate colours that are energising, authentic and personable – qualities I hope represent me and the way I do business.  

This is a new chapter in my story and I am very much looking forward to future growth and getting stuck into 2021! I would love to know what you think. Share your take by visiting me on Facebook.

Based in rural Queensland on a sheep and cattle property, I combine website design and copywriting, with SEO best practice to help small businesses across regional and rural Australia grow.

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