Why people aren’t buying from you

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So, no one is buying from you… but why not? In general, the reason people aren’t buying from you will fall into one of these five areas.
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So you have this great thing. You’ve spent hours building and perfecting it. You’ve tweaked (and re-tweaked) your website, hit launch and waited for the sales to start rolling in.

But no one is buying from you… why not? It’s tempting to blame the economy or some other factor outside of your control. But in reality there is probably an issue in your marketing mix. In general, the reason people aren’t buying from you will fall into one of these five areas.


People can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist! If you’re already investing in marketing to get the word out, the issue might be that you are targeting the wrong people. Maybe you have made dog food, but you’re selling it to cats? Or it could be that you’re using the wrong marketing channels to reach your audience?


Another reason you may be hearing crickets, is because your audience don’t actually see a need for your product. Too many people think their products will simply sell themselves. But really, it’s up to you to persuade people to buy what you’re selling. Look more closely at your marketing messaging and make sure it clearly communicates what need your product satisfies. How does it make your customer’s lives easier? How does it save them time? What problem does it solve for them?


A tough one to swallow, but one possibility is that someone else is actually doing it better. This doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper – price is rarely the reason people will choose to buy from someone else. Instead, it probably means that someone else is offering higher perceived value. In other words, more benefits. It might not be related to the product itself – it could be as simple as your competitor offering free shipping or a product guarantee. Or maybe they are closer to where they live? Think about how your ideal customer defines value (or better yet ask them!) and re-evaluate how you can either adapt your offering or better communicate how your offer is superior.


People don’t just buy from brands or businesses they like, but those who they trust. This is especially true for high-involvement purchases (those that carry a higher risk) like investing in a course or buying a new car. Earning trust isn’t always easy or quick though. However, including testimonials, offering guarantees or even providing proof of previous work are all great ways to build credibility. Another way that is often overlooked is by including professional images of yourself or your team. This will help you become more real and memorable, and in turn create a sense of trustworthiness.


These days customers demand convenience and want to experience ease in obtaining your product. Friction points are where customers get stuck in a sales system, either because they don’t understand what to do next or what is being demanded of them is too time-consuming. A slow loading website, or asking someone to fill out paperwork during the purchasing process are common examples of friction. Review your sales process and eliminate any potential points of friction that could be turning people away.  

These are the five general reasons people aren’t buying from you, and unfortunately it takes just ONE to kill a sale. But don’t be too discouraged as these issues can be easily fixed. Make the process from product discovery to purchase as simple as possible and ensure that your experience matches the expectations of your target market.

If you’re not sure which of these issues are affecting your sales I recommend using Google Surveys to do some fast and cheap market research to diagnose why people aren’t buying from you and to get feedback from your target market about what they want.

Based in rural Queensland on a sheep and cattle property, I combine website design and copywriting, with SEO best practice to help small businesses across regional and rural Australia grow.

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